6-Azidohexanoic Acid Sulfo-NHS Ester


6-Azidohexanoic Acid Sulfo-NHS Ester is water-soluble reagent that enables simple and efficient labeling of antibodies, proteins and any other primary amine-containing macromolecules with azido group in 100% aqueous buffers. Azidoacetic Acid Sulfo-NHS Ester reacts with primary amines at pH 7-9 forming a stable amide bond. 6-Azidohexanoic Acid Sulfo-NHS Ester is a reagent of choice for applications that cannot tolerate organic co-solvents or are complicated by their inclusion. Specific labeling of cell surface proteins is another common application for these uniquely water-soluble and membrane impermeable reagents. A short spacer arm adds minimal mass to modified molecules (84.1 daltons).

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